Globally, Maxxis have five advanced research facilities, maintained in the Netherlands, Taiwan, China and the United States. Each operation is constantly undergoing expansion to ensure Maxxis products are operating at the forefront of technological potential.

Proving Ground

Maxxis has invested approximately US $150 million in its new test track which took several years to plan and construct.

Opened in 2012 in Kunchan near Shanghai, Maxxis has opened one of only a select few privately owned proving grounds in China. This rigorous testing operation promotes Maxxis’ growing relationships with major automakers

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Orange Engineering

Here at Maxxis we pride ourself on our technical excellence, our innovation and our standards of high quality.

Our scientists and R&D departments are constantly striving to create better and safer tyres using the most advanced processes and rigorous testing methods, setting benchmarks to which other tyre manufacturers aspire.

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Bike Technology

Whether it's the gruelling demands of long-distance road racing, the punishing demands of mountain biking and cyclocross or the exhilration of BMX riding, Maxxis tyres have become renowned as the ultimate cycle tyre for enthusiasts and professionals around the globe.

We place great importance on providing cyclists with the best products possible and we are constantly striving to discover ways in which to improve and innovate the tyres we offer.


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How a tyre is made

Everyone knows what a tyre is and what it’s for, right? It’s a black donut made of rubber, placed on a vehicle so the driver can transport himself and his cargo from point A to point B. The tyre has to allow for easy steering, braking and cornering. It must provide for a comfortable, safe ride. It needs to be durable. And that’s about the extent of what most of us know.

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